I told someone quite awhile  ago  (can’t recall who)  that
I would post my first waka on my blog. Soooo…..here it is.

Awestruck by the Sky

Fluffy Periwinkle wing

Race the redding  clouds

Now blended together pass

Into the dark evening shade

I hope this poem puts a pleasant  picture into your mind and captures the sky forever  in type.  I must say,  there are many better waka writers even in the modern world, but  I thought I would try anyway. Writers like M.kei manage to  express their intense feelings in one  tight, but still intense and captivating  poem.

Note: I would not recommend the poet, M.kei, to readers under 15 years old due to some problems he expresses in rather extreme detail.


upon simple

dear cow caretakers ,

when  your cow  gets out did you ever,

play round and round the mulberry bush fifteen hundred times with a half-grown steer(mulberry bush  is quite literal )  then  realize, humm…. you know I could  just go  entice my lovely bovine  with  grain?

try to get  a cow AND  two calves  to go thru the spot that the water has risen up over the fence line ,in the  hopes that  they wouldn’t remember  there was fence there  and go right thru?

did you ever get bonked on the forehead by your cows furry poll , in her attempt to get to the grain you were  climbing her milking pen with?That will give you a headache the size of Texas by the way.

or run around the barnyard with your escaped cow who is at full gallop,just  because  you  forgot to latch the gate ?

tried  to calm  your halter  fearful cow?

or maybe seen your sweet furry bovine  EAT  a large  frog?(I always thought  that cows  were herbivores ,guess not .)

seen  your cow  flip straw bales( used for wind protection) across the pen  up  in the air   and  back again ? THAT is very amusing.

or maybe had  your cow give you  a full face  scratchy  slurp?

If you have not  seen your cow do these things or anything  else weird  ,let more time pass, surely your cow will do something weird !  For those who  do not have cattle, I hope you enjoyed  these adventures  I have  currently shared!Some of those adventures show how simple a cows’ thought pattern really is  and some display my simpleness .That is no  matter,  sometimes  simple is good.


This particular  black  and white feline, Mackintosh,  as mentioned before  in the previous  post got ran over by a truck  a few days  ago.We had put him outside to enjoy the nice weather and I guess he did not know the danger of trucks quite yet. His hind legs  were broken  but  no external bleeding. The  poor kitty  was then quickly taken to the vet , where they determined  that  there was internal bleeding ,which was  odd because no blood was coming out of his  nose. He died at the vet office ,  and  my sweet brother ,Linden,said he would  bury him for me.                                           So Mackintosh is no more,which is a little sad . I will miss the little  thumbtack.I say thumbtack  because  you could literally  take him off your  shoulder and stick  him to any cloth surface ,even  hanging up  coats and  he would stay !


anybody home? It is getting kinda lonely over here, all by myself.

I COULD  write  a poem for you but, I imagine  you guys are pretty tired of poetry  by now ,soooo…… I ‘ll think  of something else .  oh, I’ve got it , how about a picture! I  could show you  a pic of my face  with a chicken  RIGHT next to it , so you can see what i really look  like !

ah,well  sorry i could not find the chicken, but here is my kitty

he  is called anything from Thumbtack to Gateway:) and generally rides around ,sticks to my shoulders too.Though his real name for vet records  is mackintosh , like the apple  he is NEVER  called that  , mainly i suppose because  you don’t  call something an endearing name when it is  clinging to your shoulder for dear life!

Yesterday, I remembered something  from  a book set in Japan 1858. I shall not  tell which book;  that would  be too embarrassing!  So with the aid  of ever trusty Google I looked up waka, and  this is what I found. Waka  is a form  of Japanese poetry dating back  to the 7th century A.D.!

Waka does not rhyme.  Indeed,  if one of these poems rhymes even by accident it will be considered faulty. A good waka  must have something of the seasons, a sense of quiet, and an underlying feeling of mystery .

There are two common forms  of waka: choka and Tanka. Choka  was a solemn form  while tanka expressed  more emotion. Choka  consists of 5-7 Japanese sound units, phrases repeated at least twice and concluding with a 5-7-7 ending. Sadly, however, it  fizzled out  of  many poets’ minds. Tanka though lived on  even to the modern-day and consists also of five units (often treated as separate lines) with a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern. The 5-7-5 is the upper phrase  and the 7-7 is the lower phrase .

Waka was often exchanged instead of letters, particularly among lovers. There was also  a game where one poet started a waka, sent it to another poet,  who then finished it and sent it back.  Very interesting don’t you  think? I think  I will try  my hand at waka sometime!

I’m trying to decide just that so ummm…I’m wondering if somebody could help me tell if it is or not and if it qualifies as poetry and other things ?I won’t even give “it” a name yet (or ever if you don’t think) .So here it is

Thundering along

an open road atop

a majestic  beast

Its tail is flying

Its mane is crying

Its hide is sweating dew

here am I gasping for breath

and enjoying  the racing  view

leaving my worries far behind

upon the wind of day

so soon ,so soon

must we stop

I do hear myself  say

never the less

I take him  in

and groom the gleaming steed

Oh, what a joy to have

such a beast

a joy ,a joy


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This is Bear ,our male Newfoundland dog.

He will literally  EAT(or at least suck on and spit out because of foul  taste)

anything  from a whole  baked potato to lego men to green rubber lizards! In other  words this  is a genuine  Hoover ,only in the form  of  a big ,black shaggy,water dog.

”  I WILL  kill this gator i’m  a big  tough newf!